Truss Also Promised….Oh Yeah?

Truss also promised to “tackle left-wing groupthink in government” and to scrap diversity and inclusion jobs, saying they “distract from delivering on the British people’s priorities”.


The sleazy parasitism of the ‘diversity and inclusion’ sector, which battens on imaginary ‘systemic’ sources of grievance and panders to uptight whiners….

BLM Fan Advises UK On National Security? 

….is an affront to fair play and traditional British values….



Tax-Funded NHS Deviant Badges –

.BoJo’s Brave New NHS – Hancock’s Hospital Gaystapo! ….

…and any promise to scour the civil service clean and purges public life in general of the ‘equality’ plague….

Civil ‘Servants?’ Snouts In The Tax-Trough, But Serving Whom? 

Senior Whitehall officials accused of wasting time on ‘woke projects’


…MUST be welcomed.

Except that, when we recall Truss’s shocking, shameful record as Foreign Secretary…

Liz Truss’s department revealed as LGBT+ group’s largest donor, funding more than half the amount throughout 2020-21

  • The funding revelations come despite the charity’s value for money being called into question by Liz Truss, who urged departments to quit its diversity training programme
  •  Stonewall has received £1.25 million in taxpayer-funded grants in the past 18 months, with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as its largest donor….  We Must Distrust Liz Truss

….how can we possibly take her pledge seriously?

Truss ‘Generally Voted In Favour’ Of Gaystapo Agenda!