Woko Welby Weasels On Weirdo Wedlock

Justin Welby: I won’t punish churches that conduct gay marriages…

… Archbishop of Canterbury seeks to defend bishops who conduct the ceremonies, as well as those who do not  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/02/justin-welby-wont-punish-churches-conduct-gay-marriages/

Isn’t he pathetic?

The Blighter In The Mitre Is A Stinking Hypocrite

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who says the EUSSR is “the greatest dream realised for human beings since the fall of the Roman Empire 1500 years ago.”

Hypocrite! Justin ‘No Insults’ Welby Guilty Of ‘Fascist’ Smear

Such arrogant double standards..

Every bit of bile, every smarmy smear….

Woke-Weasel Welby Warbles Once More! 

…as harsh and carnaptious a cleric as can be, when it comes to the realm of politics.

But when his dwindling flock look to him for clear guidance on church doctrine…

Empty Pews? Blame Church of England’s Whited Sepulchre Vipers! 

….which it’s his paramount duty to provide?

The Blighter in The Mitre Bottles Out!

Heck, those final words would have made a better headline!t