UK Pravda’s Impartial US ‘Expert’- “A War Machine For The Left.”

UK Pravda’s at it again, their 8.20am bulletin (Indonesia time) this morning, on the Kansas vote, featuring very brief chats with a Democrat and then a Republican polling expert.



Fair and Balanced, yes?

But BBC World News just couldn’t handle that approach for more than the twinkling of an eye, because they instantly brought on an ‘analyst….’


….such an objective sort of word, conjuring up an image of an impartial expert.

2020 Headshot.jpg

Rachel Bitecofer?

Just on a  whim, I thought I might check up on this person, of whom I’d never heard.


It took but a moment, while I listened to her talk about a ‘focus on the Republican Party’s extremist influence..’

And sure enough, BBC had covered up Ms. Bitecofer’s rabid leftwing record.


Following her research career, Bitecofer has launched a liberal super PAC named Strike Pac, which she describes as “a war machine for the Left.”

Arguing that strategy and messaging for Democrats is woefully asymmetrical to the GOP’s, she asserts that going forward, Democrats must launch a “brand offensive” against Republicans…’



I got that from wikipedia, but double checked…

Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer joins Morning Joe to discuss the launch of Strike PAC, which seeks to counter GOP messaging and force the party to play defense.

So no pretence on Bitecofer’s part – she didn’t make any claim to be impartial in today’s broadcast…





…for the dirty trick played yet again by UK Pravda on unsuspecting viewers around the world.