Sock It To Him, Jamie B! Ulster OK!

I see there’s likely to be blows landed, after a fellow named Sean Murray, son of what’s perhaps most politely described as a fanatical Belfast disloyal, challenged a famous Ulster blogger, Jamie Bryson, to a boxing match.


Jamie Bryson

Or not?

According to the ‘Irish News,’ there was a ‘heated exchange’ between the two, as a result of the loyalist blogger’s disparaging references to the notorious Gaelic Athletic Association

Jamie Bryson promptly accepted the challenge, indeed!

But will Murray belatedly bottle out?

Most people outside Ulster, even on the UK mainland, may not be familiar with the GAA, so I offer this link…

IRA Scum Honoured By GAA/Sinn Fein 

….to its previous appearances on our own blog.

Best of luck to Jamie B  if the fight does take place!