Filthy Savages! 3 Guilty – Only 2 Identified?

We are told, no doubt accurately, that a 13-year-old was subjected to an “unprovoked and callous” attack.


And two of the scum found guilty are depicted in the media, as below.


 Diago Anderson and Zidann Edwards who have been found guilty of shooting and paralysing a 13-year-old boy
Diago Anderson and Zidann Edwards – no info on the third savage?

I could go on about how the scum should be shipped off to a handy abattoir…


…because keeping such creatures alive is folly.

But we all know that, as we also know there is no chance of that, when sentences get handed down in October.

Instead, let’s ask why the third scumbag is not named…

…and when we read the words ‘two men and a teenager…’

…we have our answer.

The third scumbag is 17, so – by the absurd definitions enshrined in British law – the status of a ‘minor’ is conferred upon the savage.

The thing is classified as a ‘child!’

My usual question follows – when YOU were 17, or 16,  or indeed 15…



…were you unable to distinguish between right and wrong?

Neither Liz nor Rishi has been asked about the need for reform.

So no Tory response likely.

But what about all those Labour, LibDem and SNP MPs who wish to elevate teens to adult status for electoral purposes?

Scots Teeny-Bopper Braveheart-Throbs? 

Indeed, the SNP has pressed ahead, as we predicted, and declared 16-year-olds are entitled to vote.

Such opposition MPs are plentiful, and often energetic.

Why are they not pushing parallel reform, so that teen brat hoodlums are treated as adults?


And there are other aspects to this ‘age’ nonsense..

Calais Kiddies? Teddy-Clutching Tots? NOT! 

.Another ‘Child?’ Enough Inexcusable Excuses for Evil! 

…but we can return to that another day.