Sinn Féin Vixen – “No Alternative” To Terror!

Sinn Féin Bitch – “No Alternative” To Terror! 

That evil Sinn Fein vixen, Michelle O’Neill….


Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald (left) arrives with Vice-President Michelle O'Neill (right) to the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast as counting continued yesterday afternoon

Mary Lou McDonald with Michelle O’Neill


…is undoubtedly not ignorant of Ulster’s modern history, so we know that she is simply lying…

….when she claims her IRA murder-gang heroes ‘had no choice but to shoot and bomb until the 1998 Good Friday agreement.’

Like every member of Sinn Fein, top tier of turds down to the lowliest lice, the mendacious O’Neill knows very well that they all had a “choice,” that being the one outlined in our previous post, when we quoted TUV leader Jim Allister.


Jim Allister
“He tells us that there was no option in the 1970s for young men but to be terrorists.
“Sorry, Mr Kelly, no one made you be a terrorist. You, Mr Kelly, and your ilk, chose to be terrorists, you chose to pull the trigger, and you chose to plant the bomb in circumstances in which you rejected the ballot in favour of the bullet.“
In 1973 and for many  years previously, Mr Gerry Kelly had the availability of the franchise: he could vote, he could stand himself  for election, but he chose instead to be a terrorist.
“We had the 1949 Act, which delivered the guarantee that, if a majority in the House as it then was wanted a united Ireland, Northern Ireland would cease to be part of the United Kingdom.
“We had the 1973 Act  which gave that directly to the people of Northern Ireland in referendum.
“So do not come to the House and say that you had  no choice.
“You had the choice of democracy or the choice of terrorism, and you chose the path of terrorism.


Jim was responding to a male piece of republican dog-sh#t then, but the same rebuttal is perfect for the female piece of republican dog-sh#t…


…who currently leads Sinn Fein.