Channel Crimmigrants 40% Albanian? Watch ‘Taken!’

One of my favourite films is Liam Neeson’s all-action ‘Taken…’

Taken trilogy DVD cover.jpg

…but I know a bit more about Albania…

Albania Could Do With a Royal Restoration! 

…than what one gets from observing the villains in that very successful movie….

…for example, the Albanian patriot heroes murdered post-WW2, thanks to the treachery of Britain’s communist queer Philby…



…and the falsified outcome of the monarchy referendum 40 years later.

Thus the news last week caught my attention.


Four in 10 Channel migrants from peaceful Albania

Military report shows total number from Balkans nation between June 1 to July 12 was far higher than from other nations..

Frankly, it would be laughable, were it not so outrageous, that the parasite flotillas so irresponsibly welcomed by the UK Tory government….

…escorted amiably into British ports, given yummy foodstuffs and hot drinks, then conveyed to comfy lodgings….

…are not, as the pro-crimmigrant lobby lies so often….

Crazy Clare – Still Lying Boldly for Calais Crimmigrants! 

…fleeing danger,  but are, at least 40% of those departing France’s safe shores…


…..wasters who have weaseled into France from Albania, the NATO ally on the Adriatic!

Albania joined NATO in 2009.

Royal Navy with Albanian Naval Forces Patrol Boat during NATO Joint exercises…better they coordinate push-backs on the Channel!