Trannies And Twerking – France24 Women’s Programme…Seriously?

Sicko start to Sunday, having unwisely opted for a glance at France24, whilst making a start on preparations for a yummy brunch.


( bacon, spuds, broccoli, tomatoes)


..but, as happens now and then, busy in the kitchen, I didn’t change channels quite fast enough…

…to avoid the unappetising sight of their middle-aged Australian hackette, Annette Young …

F24’s Pinko Propagandist V Oz Ambassador – An Interview? 

.’...2015, she was named by UN Women as one of the 20 inspirational global voices on women in the media…’

Fake Swede Feminism – Can’t France24’s Left Oz-Bint Get It Right? 

…who, as noted previously, resembles an over-fed chipmunk, with her ‘The 51%‘ show.

Thing is,  that percentage in the title is meant to indicate it’s a show for and/or about, women.


Thing is, I like women – but what we got today was frankly nauseating, a huge chunk of the content devoted to fake-women, transfreaks…

Argentinian trannies, to be precise..



….and we learned that, since 2012, freakos in that country can change ‘gender’ without authority from a shrink.

This, the F24 voice assured us, made Argentina…

‘….the most progressive in the world!”

Which just goes to show that France24’s infamous inability to comprehend the meaning of two words…

…..remains unsullied by any collision with impartiality, as might have been predicted

….. …

Gambar terkait

France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! 

France24’s Uncommon Disregard For Media Standards – ‘Encore!’

France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically!

…given previous form!

There followed a variety of vomit-worthy vignettes, e.g.

…a deluded child’s family who made a doll with a penis, to pander to the child’s delusion..

…a rant about ‘trans rights’ from an ugly freak, demanding further legal measures under ‘Global Trans Law’ – which as far as I know does not exist….

….and Fiorella, who had to get by doing ‘sex work,’ because less than 25% of transfreaks ‘finish secondary education’ – is that a uniquely Argie sitrep, or do maladjusts everywhere struggle with brain-usage?


BTW, if you think I’m exaggerating, France24 makes its bias crystal clear – here’s the link, to let you verify what I’ve been saying…

More work needs to be done?

Sez Who? No dissenting voice was allowed to be heard – does F24 expect us to believe everybody in Argentina supports this wokery-decadence?  


AND…great news for Argie tax-payers!


The government in Buenos Aires has apparently mandated a 1% transfreak quota in public sector jobs!



No, seriously, NOT kidding!



Maybe next week, I wondered, ‘The 51%’ will get back to what that number suggests, women, not fake-women!


…then we were subjected to a 5 minute piece of nonsense about ‘twerking’ – a word which I have encountered previously….

Brazil’s Perverts Are ‘Afraid?’ They Deserve To Be! 

…which means behaving sluttishly on stage – a piece of nonsense which featured ‘freefemalerappers…


….funded by the French Government…

….meaning French taxpayers!


God Save La Belle France….


…from this degenerate insanity!