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    BBC ‘Talking Business’ – One-Way Chatter!

    As I awaited my Sunday brunch visitor, still reeling from France24’s nauseating freak-show..

    Trannies And Twerking – France24 Women’s Programme…Seriously?

    …..I switched channels, and behold..

    …there was BBC’s Aaron Heslehurst, “Talking Business,” and what a one-sided talk-fest it proved to be…


    ….with two guests fanatically committed to using business resources to push the left’s woko-loco agenda.

    Certainly, it’s an issue of major concern, with so much of Big Biz aligned with undesirables, not just  Dirty Disney! and Yahoo/Verizon Now Openly Complicit With BLM! ….

    Related image

    …but many more besides!

    Among the 206 companies who agreed to sign the LGBT activist-originated brief are:

    Airbnb, Amazon, American Express, American Airlines, Apple, Bank of America, Ben & Jerry’s, Best Buy, Disney, Domino’s, Expedia, Facebook, General Motors, Google, Hilton, IKEA, Macy’s, Marriott, Nike, PayPal, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Under Armour.  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/200-companies-urge-supreme-court-to-make-sexual-orientation-gender-identity-protected-classes

    As I tuned in, a yelpy young chick named Miriam, identified as Yelp’s ‘ Chief Diversity Officer…”


    Miriam Headshot

    Miriam Warren  Presently, she heads a team working at the intersection of culture, engagement, corporate philanthropy and diversity, equity and inclusion. Miriam holds a B.A. in Ethnic Studies from Mills College

    Oh dear!

    And now she’s their VP!

    I had no idea what “Yelp” might be, but now that I do, and that its HQ is in San Francisco, nothing it does can surprise me!

    Miriam was telling the BBC man how much her bosses valued transfreaks as customers.

    Enough said!

    Then we had Daryl Brewster, who made no more sense, to my way of thinking,  than smiley Miriam.


    • Daryl Brewster
    • Daryl Brewster
    • ..

    He’s the Big Biz woko king-pin…

    Chief Executive Officer of CECP, an organization focused on empowering senior executives of the world’s leading companies to achieve unprecedented progress on societal challenges…   https://www.conference-board.org/bio/index.cfm?bioid=3582

    ….who even managed to drop low-life George Floyd’s name as he gabbled about how attitudes have changed.

    Thing is, attitudes don’t change by themselves.

    Plutocrats don’t overnight go woko-loko.

    Sure, Brewster is diligent in the service of the left agenda, but it goes a lot deeper than tbat.

    However, that’s a discussion for another day.

    I just want to ask Aaron Heslehurst how many business people, or any people, he brought into the BBC studio to argue that commerce should keep itself untainted by wokery?



    The pinko pair mentioned above got plenty of time to left-babble, but I heard nobody saying otherwise.

    I missed the first minutes of the dhow

    Did I therefore miss the ‘fair and balanced’ part of UK Pravda’s Talking Business?

    Seems it’s on again on Thursday, when I’m too busy to watch much.

    If any readers catch the show, please advise!




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