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    ‘The Raid!’ BBC’s Guest Says Trump A ‘Cancer!’!

    So who was today’s first impartial BBC guest expert, and would they be more or less ‘expert’ than the usual sort…

    BBC Bias – Eades Incites Another Left Guest! 

    Guest-Expert” Impartial? Hee-Haw

    Linda Tirado –BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist 

    Fascist’ Smear By BBC’s Latest “Guest!’

    …unleashed on UK Pravda’s global audience?

    I admit to not expecting much, after reading the tax-funded state broadcaster’s report on how US voters ignored media bias and backed Trump supporters in the primaries…

    ... a clear indication of Mr Trump’s continuing influence on the Republican Party and the enduring support for his claims about the election he lost to President Joe Biden.


    ….in which that sentence was about the ONLY sentence which did not have the word ‘claim’ prefaced with the trade-mark BBC smear ‘false…’




    – as if viewers were incapable of making up their own minds whether the ‘claims’ were ‘false’ or not – .


    At 7am, David Tafuri was on the screen, a filthy-rich Democrat, married to a model, and, maybe even more significantly, a former State Department flunkey.

    I missed most of what he said but he was no friend to The Donald.

    However at 8am ( Jakarta time ) we got to see and hear that Awful Eades..

    ( who had BBC’s DC flunkey Bowes on to say that the FBI had so far failed to offer any explanation or justification for their raid..)

    …..talking to Vinoo Varghese, a famously successful attorney.

    He was perspicacious.

    Biden is trying to ensure that the next president is a Democrat..

    Yet Varghese is no Trump fan…

    – ‘the impeachment process was ‘righteous‘  –

    …but it didn’t succeed, he pointedly added.

    Much ado about nothing,’ he concluded.

    And Eades had to be told that the DoJ has become too politicised.

    So not too bad so far?


    At 9am  a legal eagle named Professor Robert Pape came on, rabbiting about ‘the pro-Trump insurrectionist movement…’

    Robert Pape

    …this is about the future of American democracy….it doesn’t make sense to talk about this in a narrow legal context..’

    God forbid we discuss a fed raid authorised by a judge…


    ( whose ID we don’t yet know – a Clinton or Obama appointee, perhaps?)

    ‘…in a narrow legal context!’

    But Pape was so sympatico that Eades..

    ( “I see how much sense your words make..’ )

    …had him back at 10am!

    And at noon, Democrat David Tafuri, again…

    .’…here we have Trump potentially doing something much worse...’

    THEN at 1pm, BBC’s Samantha Simmons at least acknowledged that –

    ‘..obviously we don’t have anyone from his ( DT’s)  side…

    -as she conversed with an extremist Trumpophobe…


    …Harry Litman (ex-Deputy Assistant Attorney General ) who relished the thought of using a prosecution deal to pressure Trump out of running again!

    Litman made no secret of his hatred, referring to…

    ‘...the cancer that is Trump...’

    An enlightening day with the BBC!

    Draw your own conclusions, please.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 19:23 on August 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I’m still watching and even the BBC is saying that Biden’s Attorney General , who is the same Judge Garland that the Republicans stopped getting promoted to the Supreme Court, may have over-reached badly with this political drone attack.
      Trump will make hay.
      Good useful blogging today, sir!



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