Trump Raid Warrant Judge – My Assumption Was Wrong!

Whilst my account of UK Pravda’s guest ‘experts….’

‘The Raid!’ BBC’s Guest Says Trump A ‘Cancer!’

….was pretty accurate….

( admittedly, spotting Trumpophobic bias on BBC is a bit like shooting fish in a bucket!)

…it seems I erred in my assumption that the judge who signed the warrant for the Fedstapo raid must have been…


…either a Clinton appointee or an Obummer appointee.

Not so..?.

According to a rather stunning report on Judge Bruce Reinhart…


Is Bruce Reinhart A Democrat By Political Affiliation? Learn About Approved Donald Trump's FBI Raid

Reinhart with Epstein – read that link!

….who did sign it, he was appointed by other judges, a magistrate-style system.

So never jump to conclusions.

Stick to the facts….

….such as the obvious and concerning condition of The Dotard, who incredibly is denying all knowledge of his Stasi-style Justice Department’s outrageous outing to Florida.