Bojo’s ‘Beatle’ Flip-Flop – Airport Arrest Reminds Brits

The news today that a ‘British citizen’ newly released from a Turkish prison has been detained at Luton Airport…

…is a bitter reminder of Jellyfish Johnson’s cowardly flip-flopping.



Initially he was up for unconditional deportation, but…

Johnson, then the Foreign Secretary, warned the decision would make it harder for Britain to oppose the death sentence in future..


Normal Brits would rejoice at the prospect of terror scum getting put down…

…and JJ’s readiness to ‘risk’ sending the swine to the USA in any event does nothing to absolve him.

He never made any move as PM to restore the death penalty…

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…which was ruled out, ensuring they’d not face the proper penalty for the evil they had done.

We expected no better from Theresa May…


Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu


….but when the ‘Beatle’ scum got their life-saver certification?

No protest from Bojo, not that I can recall, no demand for unconditional justice.

We must await more information on this newly arrested man, Aine Davis…


Aine Davis


…but we know that, whatever the outcome of any prosecution, of Davis or anyone else, the UK Tory government’s eager obeisance to European courts will ensure no capital punishment…


…no matter how foul the crime.