In “Inclusive” Desert, This School’s No Oasis!

Not often I write about the content of ‘Schools Week,’ but, this extract having been sent to me…

Oasis has committed to an ‘inclusive ethos,’ as part of its “anti-racism statement of intent” which “demands that we do better and do more to break the cycle of racial prejudice and institutional inequality which is endemic in our society”.

That guff’s published by a school?




Total woke hogwash.

Frankly, such a deranged analysis of British society would make it out of the question that I’d enrol any child of mine in Oasis…

There is no ‘cycle of racial prejudice in the UK,  nor is it a land of ‘institutional inequality!

.. and yet Ofsted seems to ignore that Big Lie and instead criticises ‘very high’ exclusions, “poor attendance and uncontrolled behaviour of pupils…

As to those problems, if John Major hadn’t grovelled to the ECHR…


Look At Major’s Record! 

…then an effective remedy would certainly be at hand.



Ofsted, of which we’ve had much to say in the past, about so many issues…

Ofsted Logo

…should be ordering schools to stop embedding subversive untruths in their ‘mission statements.’

Didn’t the country work a lot better without absurd and pretentious placards proclaiming schools’, companies’ and even cafes’ missionsand visions?

I’m not going after one school in Kent, which no doubt has problems that are fixable.

I’m just making a general point about how mendacious wokery needs to be excised from public life.