BBC Weepy Over Deported Undesirables

According to the BBC’s Adina Campbell, “concern is growing…”

Adina Campbell - BBC News Correspondent (1)

Adina Campbell is Community Affairs Correspondent at the BBC

About what, we ask, agog at UK Pravda’s endless compassion, which, we quickly learn, must now encompass those poor souls ‘deported’ to the countries they belong in…

Deportation flights from the UK to Jamaica are among the most controversial carried out by the Home Office. Since 2019, a majority of people listed to be removed have been taken off after last-minute legal reprieves and pressure from campaigners during protests….. 




…explaining why they have wasted thousands of pounds of tv license money on a super sunny trip for a hackette, camera team, etc 

The BBC’s Community Affairs correspondent, Adina Campbell, has been to Jamaica to meet some of the men – and their families – who fear for their safety on an island where they say they don’t

…deported never without good reason, please note!

Aaah, but these anti-social good-for-nothings lived in the UK for years,model citizens…

….ooops, NOT model citizens…

…but hell, a few crimes here and there, no big deal –  we shouldn’t be mean to them.

Adina interviewed some folks, including the step-father of one whose criminal record included 55 convictions.

..’oh, he’s a sick boy..’  then his mummy in UK  ‘..he was very good at football...’

How did they get him on a plane?’ asked Adina, as the criminal is apparently a hulking brute, after a suggestion he had to be drugged to get him aboard.

As if anyone gives a monkey’s…


Official portrait of Janet Daby MP crop 2.jpg

Janet Daby MP

Except maybe Janet Daby Labour MP, who ranted about how deportees are ‘demonised.’


And ‘immigration lawyers,’ like Holly Stow, of Wilson Solicitors…

…direct line: 020 8275 4389 email:

Wilson Solicitors LLP 697 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 8AD | t: 020 8808 7535

…who claims his ‘human rights have been breached.’

Like, big deal.

And Adina then spoke to ‘Rowan,’  no real identification, and ‘Rudolph,’ no real identification,  and Tafara ‘Taffy’ Creary.

Deportees all.

All whining.

And Adina met Duane Williams, ‘deported after serving a life sentence for murder’ – but now free, in Jamaica, where, he moaned, ‘there’s no support!’

You Brits have to be understanding

They don’t like their country.

They prefer YOURS!

So the BBC devotes a whole weepy half-hour to the deportees’ plight  – a show funded by decent, non-deported UK tax-payers.

That woman Adina Campbell should be ashamed of herself.



The cast of her propaganda pantomime was 90% on one side, her side, the whiners’ side, as was clear even from her facial expressions.

UK politicians, Jamaican politicians, criminals’ kin, all blabbering how deporting Jamaican scumbags to Jamaica was not a good idea.

The BBC should be defunded.


Please note, the Tory government has, incredibly, been cancelling deportations.

If you have a Tory MP, tell them that the government should deport MORE, not fewer.