BBC’s Dateline Trumpophobes Yelp Again!

We have seen no improvement in BBC Dateline…


…since we recorded perhaps the most infamous UK Pravda Big Lie several years ago...


‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 

…and this week, spectacularly, Dateline’s editorial cabal disregarded utterly the BBC charter obligation to be fair and balanced – the selective guest-list could not have been more bare-facedly partisan.

Even the German, Thomas Kielinger, who normally makes an effort to seem measured, opted to join n the Trumpophobic chorus.

Donald Trump is the worst accident that I wish had never happened in American history.’

…which easily exceeded the far-left Portuguese woman, Eunice Goes, who defined The Donald as ‘a cult,’ snarling about his ‘disrespect for the rule of law.’

But let’s not forget that hefty old lefty, Janet Daly, who was introduced as ‘a 1960s progressive who became a conservative,’ but we’ve heard that rubbish before..

  • Yes, that Daly, of the Telegraph, who once said that if Trump wins, ‘we’re finished.

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“I have no time for Trump at administration of ignoramuses….

Trump-Thumper Shrills Again – Lying BBC’s Hate-Line…Ooops, Dateline! 

“Trump is a fascist..”

And this week, again…

And this week, again,her real outlook belched forth, a fast flash-back to his inauguration, where, she claimed, he was ‘like, a tinpot dictator,’ oh, and the old bag just couldn’t restrain her ( entirely unjustified!) elitism …

 “He doesn’t even understand the constitution…’

“I don’t understand how he can be so ignorant!’

And was there even ONE Trump supporter invited?