‘Diversity’ Pack Turns Cannibal!

University ‘forces out’ diversity adviser for supporting bullied professor Kathleen Stock…


Remember her, of whom we wrote several times….

Evil Freaks Claim A Fresh Victim. 

Sackur V Professor Stock? A Revelation! 

Kathleen Stock on Rebel Wisdom.jpg

Hirsi Ali? Professor Stock’s In Good Company! 


The ‘diversity’ industry is a multi-million pound/dollar/euro racket, all those pinko puke consiglieri raking in small or large fortunes…

…hired by creepy-left big businesses, and, even more offensively, by public bodies, local and national government, museums, colleges, schools…


( wasting your money)

…to preach, meddle and bully.

They employ so many people that, now and then, by chance, there must be occasions when somebody with a conscience gets one of those plum positions.

Sounds like that’s what happened in Sheffield!