Holiday In UK? Avoid Haywards Heath!

A West Sussex commuter town is encouraging its 34,000 residents to drop animal products from their plates to help fight the climate crisis.


I’ve no recollection of ever having been to Haywards Heath….

Haywards Heath is located in West Sussex

Haywards Heath
Haywards Heath, England

…and now, having learned that its local council just happens to have made history with a pioneering step in the fight against the climate crisis…



…methinks I shall avoid it like the plague, because the councillors have endorsed their Green Party colleague Richard Nicholson’s call to adhere to an international treaty!

The report explains how this Green geezer ‘persuaded the council to support Veganuary, when restaurants and supermarkets were supported in nudging customers away from meat and other animal products, and he hopes the same will happen again..’

Don’t know about you, but if I go out for dinner…..



…or breakfast, for that matter, I don’t like being ‘nudged,’ by anybody, but especially by sticky-beak do-gooders.

Same in supermarkets.

I delight in meat.

And the last people I’d put up with, if they start giving me advice on what to eat, are a bunch of tinpot town councillors.