Ghost Train Horror – Clown Or Alien Predator?

I do recommend Remix, if only because it covers the news the BBC and other left-run media…



…do their best to cover up, like this…

.Algerian migrant dressed as clown accused of sexually assaulting French woman on ghost train fairground

But let’s skip silly questions like why was this Algerian in France at all…


..and instead enquire as to what may happen to this alien if he’s convicted?

Booted out of France ASAP,  after whatever jail-time…

…may be decreed?

Maybe not?

Check out what happened to a filthy savage earlier this year!

France: Sudanese migrant sentenced for sexual assault of two schoolgirls aged 12 and 13

That particular filthy savage was give “seven months in prison…’ 



A small dose of castration might have been better…

….then simply…





At the end of his sentence, he will be banned from French territory for only five years, despite having two cases of sexual assault on his record within a year. His name has been entered in the file of perpetrators of sexual offenses.

That’s sad, sick France today, ruled by a muppet who has shown NO interest in keeping out scum – notorious as one of the Brussels EmEmpi’s pro-crimmigrant lackeys…

Inciting Illegals – Europe’s Dirty Half-Dozen, Again! 

More Blood On Macron’s Hands! 

….nor in kicking out scum.


That last case was six months ago, but even this month?