Why Kill Walrus Freya, Yet Protect A Rabid Cur?

Like many of you, I expect, I felt saddened to see that those in power in Norway deemed it necessary to put Freya the Walrus to death.


Freya the walrus swims in Frognerkilen bay, in Oslo, Norway July 20, 2022.Freya the Walrus
The reason given was that she might be a danger to human beings, though surely there must have been other options than euthanasia.

And it made me wonder how come a mammal with no demonic intent had to die….

…yet a rabid cur, named Krekar, due to the stupidity of the Norwegian Supreme Court…

(which forbade the government in Oslo from deporting the brute to Iraq because he might face the death penalty there!) Numbskull Norse Court – Islamist Death Fatwa? ‘No Threat!’ 


Satanic sectarian Krekar

C’mon, Norway! Send Satanic Sectarian Krekar To His Death! 

……was untouchable, Norwegian judges so effete…


( think ECHR)

…that their priority was making sure all the while that there be no danger to a hair on his head or his goat-bearded chin.