Genocide Threat Against Brits, Echoing Top Politician

Only a couple of weeks ago, we highlighted the bare-faced readiness, by Sinn Fein’s top dog ( or bitch, up to you!) O’Neill, to embrace the bogus justification of murder.

Sinn Féin Vixen – “No Alternative” To Terror! 

Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald (left) arrives with Vice-President Michelle O'Neill (right) to the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast as counting continued yesterday afternoon

Mary Lou McDonald with Michelle O’Neill – ’tis McDonald holds to the same terrorist propaganda line that –‘…it was necessary…to take up arms against the British state

Now that evil mentality is echoing in a British community not long ago targetted by Sinn Fein/IRA terror gangsters.

TUV Newry and Armagh spokesman Keith Ratcliffe reminds us how the Protestant community of Newtownhamilton was subjected to a campaign of ethnic cleansing by Irish Republicans for over 30 years….


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justification of sectarian slaughter, be that by Ms O’Neill, at the West Belfast Festival or on a road, is becoming the norm inside Nationalism.

This is not only deeply offensive and retraumatising for victims but is resulting in present day threats to the lives of every man, woman and child in the Protestant community who live in this part of Northern Ireland. It’s dangerous.

It’s wrong. It has to stop.

May be an image of road

“This is a very sinister message to the Protestant community and deserves to be utterly and universally condemned.
We call on all political representatives and indeed the wider Newtownhamilton community, to not only call out this specific hate crime but unequivocally condemn the campaign of sectarian slaughter waged by Republican terrorists.
Make no mistake. That is the background to this graffiti.”
Solidarity with Ulster’s True Brits!