UK Pravda Bias Bint Fights Back!



BBC presenter Martine Croxall slams ‘foolhardy’ move to replace BBC News channel with new ‘global’ rolling news service which will downgrade domestic news and be fronted from Washington

And she’s not just commenting, but actively agitating…

PETITION] BBC management apparently think viewers don’t care about their plans to cease dedicated news coverage for UK viewers by closing the BBC News Channel next April. Register your opposition ..@MartineBBC

(I edited out how to reach her petition!)

Anyone subjected to the regular outbursts of bias known as BBC World News….’


…and we can offer an example specifically featuring Comrade Croxall, her notorious plug for a high-profile Labour ‘star…’

Galloway responded: “Would you ask that of any of the other candidates?

“Why have they come to stand in this seat? Because there is an election.”


George Galloway erupts at BBC reporter's 'party political broadcast'

George Galloway erupted at the loaded question, angry at BBC’s Croxall’s ‘party political broadcast‘ 

Ms Croxall added:  “But you are not a local man.

“Why wouldn’t someone vote for Kim Leadbeater who is born and bred here and knows the constituency very well?”

Mr Galloway fired back: “Is there any need for me in this interview?

Or are you just going to give a party political broadcast?”

…will feel there is indeed much that could be done to improve its output…



…like, fire most if not all of the leftist hacks employed there.

They are the last people whose self-serving opinions ought to be taken into account!