Will Amnesty Back ‘Migrant’ Referenda?

I had been working, in somewhat dilatory manner, I must admit (my Jakarta weekends, esp in the current heatwave, tend to veer towards relaxation!)

….on an Amnesty observation or two, when I stumbled on this…

Why is Amnesty International feeding Russian propaganda?

.The human rights charity is under fire for criticising Ukraine’s army. Has it strayed too far from its original mission, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/why-is-amnesty-international-feeding-russian-propaganda-

As to any war-time propaganda role, you may make up your own minds, but I was drawn to Rhe Times intro’s final nine words..

Has it strayed too far from its original mission..

My answer, obviously…

AmnestyShamnesty! Making War On Free Speech

Amnesty has shown itself a champion of filthy savages..


…Although the migrants may have acted violently in their attempt to enter Melilla, when it comes to border control, not everything goes…“ Amnesty Spain’s,  Esteban Beltrán.


…so my answer has to be a resounding YES.

Amnesty was once all about getting political prisoners freed

Now it’s a far-left agitprop outfit, as we saw again last week.

Nice to know that the outrageous plans to endanger those innocent English villagers…

Laughable LibDem Just Can’t Get It! 

…, the scheme to impose hundreds of single, military-age crimmigrants in a camp on their door-step…



….has been abandoned.

. But while that’s good news for Linton village

…how about Amnesty International,  claiming that Sunak and Truss are only making realistic noises about crimmigrants to appeal to Tory Party members.

Since it’s Tory Party members who get to choose which one of the pair of posers gets to be PM, then what else would Amnesty expect?

If Amnesty objects to 150000 Tories being the only ones influencing crimmigrant policy, that suggests an Amnesty preference for wider, more democratic decision-making.


So perhaps the far-left ‘charity’ should endorse calls for a referendum, or referenda, on the migrant menace..

…a list of sensible reforms, like derogation from ECHR and that UN Refugee Convention, etc, which would thwart future legalice obstruction to deportations and push-backs.

Naturally, Amnesty will back nothing of the sort, not the derogations, nor any whiff of a democratic vote…

…because Amnesty knows most Brits would warmly welcome such reforms.

But there IS one step both Liz and Rishi could instantly take, one that’s both quite simple and cheap…

…oh  and IMHO a moral imperative…viz…


People would not be detained at the centre and would be free to come and go…



Where’s the sense in having a curfew and a security system – including CCTV, security guards and roaming patrols….?

– if the brutes can go out and prowl as they please?