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  • ross1948 21:30 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

    Hunt Him Down! Solve The Monstrous Murder! 


    It was Independence Day here in Indonesia yesterday so, while I had no plans to go out celebrating, I was in a positive mood when I rose to face the day.



    But the news from The Old Country made me shudder.

    An elderly man stabbed to death while riding his mobility scooter has been described by his neighbours as a ‘kind man’ who was a popular local buskerhttps://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/greenford-murder-mobility-scooter-stabbed-london-thomas-ohalloran-b1019113.html

    Reading other reports, it seems the victim was EIGHTY SEVEN years old.

    Greenford, in West London, is not a notably dangerous area  – though London in general is not what it used to be.

    Whatever, such a cowardly evil crime ihorrified me.

    I did speculate what sort of fiend might have murdered the defenceless old man.

    Now the police want to talk to the person pictured below.

    No further comment.

    May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'METROPOLITAN POLICE I 17 AUGUST 2022 13:20 Detectives release image of man seen running from scene of Greenford murder The man in the image was seen running from the scene armed with a knife.'

    • JazPen 22:45 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      i read about that too.
      it’s so wrong there is no capital punishment for cases like this.
      Anybody found guilty of killing that old man should be strung up.


  • ross1948 20:00 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Feile An Phobail? Scum Flaunting IRA Fealty! Defund! 

    You may have read about the Belfast Scum-Fest aka ‘Feile An Phobail,’ where a mob of low-lifes were led in pro-terrorist chants by a variety of vermin on the stage.


    The Wolfe Tones once again led a huge crowd in pro-IRA chanting during their climactic set at the West Belfast Festival last night.



    Obviously, the police should have made mass-arrests, but we’re talking about the PSNI, not the RUC…

    Gunfire In Ulster – Terrorists Not Yet Arrested? Answers, Please, PSNI… 

    ….though IMHO, the good old B Specials would be perfect for that kind of work.

    However, in the absence of any serious interest by the UK Government in hammering terrorist undesirables, we –

    …. yes, you and I, dear readers…

     – can do our bit..



    …by demanding that the Scum-Fest be defunded.

    Read an extract from the ‘Statement by TUV North Belfast’s Ron McDowell:’
    “. Far from there being an apology for the gross offence caused by the pro-terrorist and racist chanting at the event, organisers have doubled down defending the Wolfe Tones because they are popular and making no comment on the fact that a group which headlined another concert at the festival unveiled a mural depicting an attack on a PSNI Land Rover.
    “On Monday TUV wrote to the Arts Council, the Lottery and Belfast Council asking:
    i) what funding Feile An Phobail revived;
    ii) the conditions under which the funding was released;
    iii) the purpose for which the funding was awarded;
    iv) if there will be an attempt to recover any of the funding;
    v) what assurances were sought and received that there would be no repeat of the celebration of terrorism which has marked this event in previous years prior to funding being released and
    vi) what has been the total amount of funding awarded to Feile An Phobail in each of the past five years.
    “We also wrote to the Charity Commission yesterday….

    NB…all of you who live in The Old Country, should email that Charity Commission

    …demanding defunding!

    … pointing out that trustees of the Festival are required to “take immediate steps to dissociate the charity from any activity that may give, or appear to give, support to terrorism or terrorist activity”.
    Today’s statement clearly fails to do that. The status of Feile An Phobail as a charity must, therefore, now be in question.
    “Nothing that happened should have come as a surprise given behaviour over a number of years.
    “Funders, both private and public, need to withdraw from this event as do political and media figures who give the f
    estival a veneer of respectability

    Don’t forget this lot either, urging an end to all cooperation with the Scum-Fest!

    No Support For IRA Terror!


    An email to each takes only minutes of your time!

    Tourism NI  https://www.tourismni.com/contact-us/



    Arts Council of Northern Ireland

    http://artscouncil-ni.org › news › contactus
    • Billy King 21:34 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      All this Sinn Fein lying propaganda about peace and togetherness is shown up when they get together and we see them for what they are. The war never ended and we all know it.


  • ross1948 18:10 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    No Such Issues When ‘The Few’ Flew! 

    One wonders what those boringly  monochrome young RAF guys who fought…


    Spitfire - Season Premiere Airshow 2018 (cropped).jpg

    …and died in the Battle of Britain might have to say about the effete ‘diversity’ fools meant to be in charge of defending the UK against foreign foes…



    ..who seem already to have surrendered to the Enemy Within…


    Air Force spokesman denies any row over hiring decisions and says it will take ‘positive action’ to create a more diverse workforce..


    The Very Model Of A Modern Major… Woker? 

    Britain’s military must embrace the country’s racial, gender and religious diversity after a string of controversies and scandals, the new head of the armed forces said as he rejected the idea this amounted to “wokefulness”.



    British Army’s drive for diversity could mean it struggles to recruit enough soldiers, the director of the National Army Museum (NAM) has warned…

    UK Armed Forces Under Attack – By Enemy Withi


    Though disgusting, it’s not surprising, when we can be hounded and harried by malevolent goons in uniform…


    See the source image

    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White


    …simply for being content to be what we are.

  • ross1948 16:36 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Whites Get Bum’s Rush? REAL ‘Systemic Racism!’ 

    The rancid racism of the left is now out in the open.

    It may not be the first or the worst example of the new ‘systemic racism’ inflicted on White people..

    Minneapolis Public Schools have a new contract with a teachers union mandating that white teachers must be fired first when any kind of staff downsizing is initiated…

    …..but it’s one that’s been brought to our attention, so we are determined to make sure it reaches the widest possible readership.

    Interesting too that it’s a ‘teachers union’ that’s up to its neck in this viciously discriminatory scheme….

    National Education Union report says a need to decolonise education is ‘urgent’ 


    ….given what we know about ‘teachers unions’ both in the UK and USA….

    Ontario Teachers Talk Tripe On Sir John A MacDonald

    ….oh, and in Canada too.

    Read on…

    …then use that ‘Read’ link at the end, to get the full horror story.

    Starting with the Spring 2023 Budget Tie-Out Cycle, if excessing a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the District shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population,” the agreement states. Non-white teachers “may be exempted from district-wide layoff[s] outside seniority order.”  READ
  • ross1948 11:15 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Dotard Biden's 'green billions' bill, Jeff Colgan   

    Awful Eades Breaks BBC Bias Record! 

    Spectacular levels of BBC bias today, slanted reporting, selectively chosen ‘guests…’


    …and who else to blame but David ‘Awful’ Eades, whose 8am ‘guest’ we have seen before!

    A professor, no less, Jeff Colgan….

    ‘Tears Of Joy’ On UK Pravda! 

    Jeff Colgan

    Jeff Colgan

    +1 401 863 9721
    111 Thayer Street, Room 303

    …whom we have seen before.

    He at once declared the passage of the Biden Bill was…


    To which Eades, with exquisite impartiality, responded..

    “..but it’s terrifying its taken that long

    Yes, him again!

    Awful Eades!

    BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 


    At 9am, Awful had another previous guest back, another professor, David Sandalow…

    .(whom we previously identified as an apparatchik with the Clinton and Obama regimes)

    David Sandalow (4838366235).jpg
    David Sandalow

    …who this time was announced as ‘former us climate change negotiator,’ and he at once began burbling for Biden…

    ..a big win for the president…

    ….a big win for the world’…

    But Eades once more fretted!

     ‘But is it big enough…many critics will say it’s been watered down..’



    Yeah, critics like your BBC panic pals….

    What about fair and balanced reporting, UK Pravda, like the ‘many critics’ in Congress, or all the senators who voted against it?

    NOT ONE of those who voted against The Dotard’s Grand Design was brought onto our tv screens.

    Oh, and soon we had HardTalk, starring that nasty dork Montbiot.

    ‘…a leftist Guardian hack’ as we defined him, a censorious pinko creep!

  • ross1948 02:45 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    From Victoria To Tasmania, Anti-Statue Virus Spreading Still! 

    A year or two ago, we had a depressing report from Victoria, a left-bigot mayor disowning democratic principles…..

    Victoria, BC – Pinko Mayor Scorns Democracy! 


    ….but that wasn’t the Australian Victoria, although that state too…


    Jaclyn ‘Jackboot’ Symes – Most Totalitarian Vixen In Oz? 

    …has some very nasty people who make the news!

    But from Canada’s Victoria then, switch your gaze to Australia’s Tasmania, to the city of Hobert, where councillors have just decided, by 7 votes to 4, to haul down the statue of a prominent citizen named Crowther, in response to a campaign by whiners vexed by something that man did with an Aboriginal cadaver, over 100 years sgo.

    Crowther removed Lanne’s skull from his corpse while an associate removed his feet and hands. He is also believed to have exhumed the remains of other Aboriginal Tasmanians.

    Okay, not too nice, but what public figures, otherwise well thought of, haven’t done things we would disapprove of.

    Infinitely worse than dismembering a corpse (for scientific reasons, apparently) was the behaviour of the Western Allies’ war-time leaders at Yalta…



    ….condeming millions of Poles and other good people to the slave-system called communism.


    I saw one blonde woman, allegedly speaking on behalf of disgruntled Aborigines, on ABC yesterday morning, rejoicing at the vote, so I looked for more information on this latest outbreak of the anti-statue plague, which has spread around the world…

    Protesters throw the statue into Bristol harbour
    Bristol BLM louts,amok…..

    … a form of mental illness, surely.


    One of the dissenting councillors, Simon Behrakis, talked sense, ‘saying history should be preserved “warts and all”.

    “That statue didn’t go up celebrating the horrors and appalling acts committed. It celebrated a man’s contribution to the state,” he said. “Removing the statue does sanitise history. We don’t learn anything from history if it is hidden away.”

    It had previously been defaced by politically-motivated by vandals, ‘painted red and draped in the Aboriginal flag in 2021…’

    Clearly this is NOT a party political issue, so I’d have thought the wiser way to handle it, rather than let 11 people decide…..

    ….would be to put it to a city referendum.

    That leftist mayor in British Columbia abhorred the prospect, but what do you think?

  • ross1948 00:53 on August 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Birthday, Indonesia! It’s Independence Day! 

    Years and years here, never bored, so much fun….


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