Awful Eades Breaks BBC Bias Record!

Spectacular levels of BBC bias today, slanted reporting, selectively chosen ‘guests…’


…and who else to blame but David ‘Awful’ Eades, whose 8am ‘guest’ we have seen before!

A professor, no less, Jeff Colgan….

‘Tears Of Joy’ On UK Pravda! 

Jeff Colgan

Jeff Colgan
+1 401 863 9721
111 Thayer Street, Room 303

…whom we have seen before.

He at once declared the passage of the Biden Bill was…


To which Eades, with exquisite impartiality, responded..

“..but it’s terrifying its taken that long

Yes, him again!

Awful Eades!

BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 


At 9am, Awful had another previous guest back, another professor, David Sandalow…

.(whom we previously identified as an apparatchik with the Clinton and Obama regimes)

David Sandalow (4838366235).jpg
David Sandalow

…who this time was announced as ‘former us climate change negotiator,’ and he at once began burbling for Biden…

..a big win for the president…

….a big win for the world’…

But Eades once more fretted!

 ‘But is it big enough…many critics will say it’s been watered down..’



Yeah, critics like your BBC panic pals….

What about fair and balanced reporting, UK Pravda, like the ‘many critics’ in Congress, or all the senators who voted against it?

NOT ONE of those who voted against The Dotard’s Grand Design was brought onto our tv screens.

Oh, and soon we had HardTalk, starring that nasty dork Montbiot.

‘…a leftist Guardian hack’ as we defined him, a censorious pinko creep!