Feile An Phobail? Scum Flaunting IRA Fealty! Defund!

You may have read about the Belfast Scum-Fest aka ‘Feile An Phobail,’ where a mob of low-lifes were led in pro-terrorist chants by a variety of vermin on the stage.


The Wolfe Tones once again led a huge crowd in pro-IRA chanting during their climactic set at the West Belfast Festival last night.



Obviously, the police should have made mass-arrests, but we’re talking about the PSNI, not the RUC…

Gunfire In Ulster – Terrorists Not Yet Arrested? Answers, Please, PSNI… 

….though IMHO, the good old B Specials would be perfect for that kind of work.

However, in the absence of any serious interest by the UK Government in hammering terrorist undesirables, we –

…. yes, you and I, dear readers…

 – can do our bit..



…by demanding that the Scum-Fest be defunded.

Read an extract from the ‘Statement by TUV North Belfast’s Ron McDowell:’
“. Far from there being an apology for the gross offence caused by the pro-terrorist and racist chanting at the event, organisers have doubled down defending the Wolfe Tones because they are popular and making no comment on the fact that a group which headlined another concert at the festival unveiled a mural depicting an attack on a PSNI Land Rover.
“On Monday TUV wrote to the Arts Council, the Lottery and Belfast Council asking:
i) what funding Feile An Phobail revived;
ii) the conditions under which the funding was released;
iii) the purpose for which the funding was awarded;
iv) if there will be an attempt to recover any of the funding;
v) what assurances were sought and received that there would be no repeat of the celebration of terrorism which has marked this event in previous years prior to funding being released and
vi) what has been the total amount of funding awarded to Feile An Phobail in each of the past five years.
“We also wrote to the Charity Commission yesterday….

NB…all of you who live in The Old Country, should email that Charity Commission

…demanding defunding!

… pointing out that trustees of the Festival are required to “take immediate steps to dissociate the charity from any activity that may give, or appear to give, support to terrorism or terrorist activity”.
Today’s statement clearly fails to do that. The status of Feile An Phobail as a charity must, therefore, now be in question.
“Nothing that happened should have come as a surprise given behaviour over a number of years.
“Funders, both private and public, need to withdraw from this event as do political and media figures who give the f
estival a veneer of respectability

Don’t forget this lot either, urging an end to all cooperation with the Scum-Fest!

No Support For IRA Terror!


An email to each takes only minutes of your time!

Tourism NI  https://www.tourismni.com/contact-us/



Arts Council of Northern Ireland

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