BBC Bias! ‘In Wyoming, Truth Is Now In A Minority…’

No sooner did we get through UK Pravda’s Bias Spectacular……

Awful Eades Breaks BBC Bias Record!

….than, zoom, straight into the American primaries, and the BBC hack in the USA, John Sudworth, is clearly marked for rapid promotion, his splenetic, Trumpophobic prejudice evident throughout.
Leftist extraordinaire…

Taiwan President Interview – BBC Hack Inserts His Left-Lib Hang-Ups! 

We have come across the creep before!

But this morning, 9am 17/8/22, (Jakarta time}….

The typical BBC claim that Liz RINO Cheney ‘was one of only 2 two Republicans to join’  Pelosi’s witch-hunt panel.

She did indeed, but there would have been more EXCEPT that Pelosi excluded ANY member of the House of Representatives whom she thought might be unwilling to put the boot into The Donald.

But when Sudworth got into his stride?

He put the boot into the people of Wyoming!

‘In Wyoming, Truth Is Now In A Minority!’

And Sudworth is well-versed in characteristic dirty BBC tricks, e.g.
When they want to be nasty, they invoke anonymous others, in this morning’s broadcast that meant ‘many observers,’ among whom, we were told, there’s ‘concern,’ that ‘the very essence of democracy is under threat.’
Pity his pronunciation is off, mangling a great state’s name.
I mean Michigan is pronounced ‘Mishigan,’ NOT ‘Mitchigan!’
Never mind.
Then, around 9.05am, Awful Eades, frowning…
“She has lost..”
I let out a mild cheer, mild since it was no big surprise, but then had to observe a full length Cheney-speech, modestly comparing herself to Lincoln and, more offensively, to ‘those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.’
Good grief!
But to be fair to Awful Eades, methinks he was correct when it sounded like a bid to start a presidential campaign.