Society of Authors Needs UDM Uprising?

Society of Authors head faces mutiny for failing to condemn JK Rowling death threats..

Members are resigning!

JK Rowling and Joanne Harris


The Society of Authors is facing a mutiny for failing to defend JK Rowling’s transgender “wrongthink”, according to members who say the union “has capitulated to ideology…”


police orgreave

Officer Down! NUM bootboys attack a fallen cop


Thanks be, The Iron Lady defeated the red mob.



But her victory depended largely on the good miners, the men who were determined to defy the picket hoodlums and earn an honest living.

They broke with the NUM and formed the Union of Democratic Mine~Workers.

Wouldn’t it be grand if writers who have had enough of shilly-shallying on free speech, and of knuckling under to woke-weasel publishers….

Russian Writers ‘Strangled?’ But UK Woke-Rats Go Full Throttle! 

….didn’t just resin, but broke away, UDM-style, and launched a brand new society?

Go for it, JK!