Stop Ben Wallace Wokifying HM Forces!

As the British people’s attention focuses ever more intensely on how the Ministry of Defence is degrading the armed forces….

War Clouds Gather? UK Forces Get ‘Diversity’ Training! 

Non-essential work on Feb 8 put on ice as soldiers to take part in courses to improve cultural and inclusivity awareness in Armed Forces

…by letting woke weasels in high comnand positions impose vicious discrimination to boost their favoured ‘minorities…’


Marshal Wigston inspects (cropped).jpg

Air Chief Marshal Wigston

The defence sources accused Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston, the head of the RAF, of appearing willing to compromise UK security at a time of growing threats from Russia and China in pursuit of albeit important goals such as improving diversity and inclusion.”

…it’s important to remind ourselves that these uniformed pinko creeps are not the UK equivalent of the junta in Myanmar.

The British Army, Navy, Marines and of course the Royal Air Force…

No Such Issues When ‘The Few’ Flew!

…all operate under the control of the civilian government…

Official portrait of Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP crop 2.jpg

Ben Wallace MP

…specifically, the MINISTER OF Defence, currently Ben Wallace MP.

Why is he enforcing so eagerly…

The Very Model Of A Modern Major… Woker? 

.. this foul process?

It’s time this berk was confronted, in the Commons, if there are any MPs left who care about armed services morale, or if not, by his constituents in Preston, Lancashire…




…next time he shows his flaccid features in Preston, Lancashire.

Personally, I haven’t paid much attention to Wallace, but since he’s to blame for what’s being done…


…an anecdote from wikipedia should interest Brit patriots

…Boris Johnson was wavering between Leave and Remain, and Wallace advised him strongly to support Remain, as taking the Leave side would mean being allied with “clowns”.[15] 

Wallace himself supported the Remain side before the referendum.[26]