New ‘Climate Migrant’ Threat – 1.5 Billion?!?.

If you live in Cardiff, buy wellies, as it will be 2/3 underwater soon enough.


Cardiff 2050?


But the latest ‘migrant’ yarn has much that’s scarier than just a welly warning…

… prophesying some 1.5 BILLION on the move!

Most of this increase will be in the ‘tropical regions…worst hit by climate catastrophe, causing people there to flee northwards.’

But fear not!

They’ll be welcomed in with open arms, because up north you’ll face ‘a “top-heavy” demographic crisis…cities from Munich to Buffalo will begin competing with each other to attract migrants..’

Given the way Europe has been blighted by Mama Stasi Merkel’s mere ONE million….



…methinks the words ‘Great Upheaval” in the headline above the Guardian piece is masterly understatement.

The author suggests preparations are in order for the influx.

No doubt.

Black Barbed Wire

Preparations like this…


….and this!