RAF ‘Racist/Sexist’ Row? ‘Crack On, Implement It!’..


Yes, the disgusting, disgraceful ‘diversity’ diktat is now a wide-open sore on the face of a country once so very proud of the esprit and excellence of its air force…

No Such Issues When ‘The Few’ Flew! 

Spitfire - Season Premiere Airshow 2018 (cropped).jpg

…with the Tory Government unapologetic about its formerly ‘hush-hush’ push to cut back on the proportion of white men in the RAF.



We have already urged MPs  and Tory grass-roots members and voters in Defence Minister Ben Wallace’s Preston constituency….

…to bounce the man out of his position.

But now we have to add his side-kick, Armed Forces Minister James Heappey, another sometime anti-Brexiter, BTW, whose career seems not to have been harmed by a notorious episode….

…recorded in wikipedia, when he used obscene language to a young girl during a school visit.

UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey

Wriggling like a worm, he publicly abhors ‘positive discrimination..’


…Useful definitions

Positive discrimination – the promotion of someone solely based on a specific, protected characteristic – is illegal under equality legislation. This differs from positive action, which allows an employer to take certain steps to improve workplace diversity.’

Why meddle at all? Who cares about ‘workplace diversity’ except cultural marxists and whining ne’er-do-wells?


…but Heappey openly admits –

‘…we have asked for the Armed Forces to improve their diversity,…..we’re content for the chief of the air staff and his team to look at what they could legally do in terms of positive action..”


Stuff yer ‘positive action!’

Keen young patriots of any ethnic origin, and of either male or female sex…

(not ‘gender,’ please, and NOT of any other delusory sexual identity!)

…who are smart enough, healthy enough and, most importantly, infused with sufficient readiness to serve Queen and Country….



….will join up.

No need to issue dodgy dikats, then bully recruiters…

It was contested at all levels, but we were told to crack on and implement it.”

If you read the whole report, using the link, you will be incensed at what’s been going on.



There are many good patriots in Somerset, I’m sure, and I hope those in Heappey’s constituency will be looking for a candidate better than him next time round.