Tell WH Smith- Back Off, Or Face Boycott!

One of Britain’s biggest retailers is pandering to left-freak intolerance.

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Time to square up to the gutless Big Biz berks.

A conservative journal has been taken off the shelves in British retailer WH Smith after a single complaint was filed by a customer seemingly offended by its content, it has emerged.

The pinko creep customer’s name is Alexi Kaye Campbell, so if you happen to use Twitter, you might hunt him/her/it down and issue a rebuke, but…




…most importantly such red nazi whiners must not be allowed to bulldoze freedoms uncontested.

Customer Enquiries. If you have a customer query please telephone our Customer Services Department on 0333 600 5000 or alternatively you can email us -.

Email WH Smith and demand they put The European Conservative back on display.


WH Smith agrees £155m deal for US airport chain InMotion | Financial Times


They have a lousy record of appeasement of low-lifes…

Brits? Ever Shop In W H Smith? Ask ‘Em If They’re Censoring! 

…but we should not stand idly by. 


And have a look at the magazine.

No need for me to tell the whole short sordid story, for here it is…

Conservative publication censored by British retail giant for publishing interview with Viktor Orbán and promoting satirical LGBT cartoon