A Good Free Read? Why Not?

Somebody sent this to my email address and it might be a good read on a lazy Sunday, so here you are…

Some highlights of this issue include:

  • “We Can’t Let Ukraine Lose” with Condoleezza Rice and Rachel Martin – Hoover director Condoleezza Rice says Russia’s invasion is “disastrous for the liberal world order. It’s disastrous for Europe. It’s disastrous for all the values we hold dear.”
  • “Lands of the Lost” by Victor Davis Hanson – Modern History teems with irredentism – a bloody march of messiahs and autocrats trying to “reclaim” lost lands. Where will Putin’s forces halt?
  • “Feeding the Fires of Inflation” by Kevin A. Hassett – “Modern monetary theory” holds that a profligate government can always just print more money. Is there a more reckless belief?

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