Tories Let Left Leech Off Tax-Payers!

You won’t, regrettably, be in rhe least surprised, to read about the NHS hiring diversity managers despite ‘war on wokery..’

Because you know very well, if you live in, or follow news from, the UK, that  Jellyfish Johnson is still Prime Minister…


..and he, like those who are rivals to take his place next month, see nothing much wrong with the moral and cultural blight called ‘woke.’

Not so?

Continue reading the report, please, for it’s accurate enough, reminding us that the Tories’ government review had suggested the roles, one of which is available with a £77,000 a year salary, should be cut back...


Not scrapped, not erased from the exchequer ledger, but merely ‘cut back!

It’s like a mafia capo saying he’ll stick only to petty crime henceforth.

Except that, what the NHS has been doing is entirely legal!

All the massive rip-offs are still being perpetrated by a tax-funded health service..

(that’s forever whining about inadequate funding!)

….NOT stopped by those elected to represent those who pay taxes.

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust is advertising for an interim associate director of equality, diversity and inclusion with a salary of up to £77,274 a year.The candidate...

Disgusting, disgraceful and due for erasure!

Tell them so.

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