Name Suella’s Queer Flunkey!

Altogether an odd report, with Suella Braverman, whom we have often praised…


Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever Mentionultural Marxism Again!” 

…seemingly embarrassed by a ‘leak!’

As Attorney General, Suella’s in charge of the ‘Government Legal Department,’ which is all of a tizzy because UK tax-payers got to know which of their flunkeys were wasting public money on what!

GLD spokesperson added it would be reviewing “the process which resulted in the names of some staff members being released accidentally on a public website

We won’t be commenting publicly further at this time,” the spokesperson added.

So very coy about letting the people whose taxes fund their fun and games exactly who’s got a snout deepest in the tax-trough!


Insolent, uppity, pin-striped puke!

Labour, unwilling to look a gift-horse in the mouth, ‘accused the department of a “data breach” by publishing the document,’ but couldn’t resist a jibe about how the flunkeys were fooling around with public money .

Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry said: “I don’t know what’s worse, the attorney-general breaching her own data protection rules by mistake or her civil servants spending their working days painting pottery.”

Painting pottery?

pottery painting course for civil servants at a team building session costing £1,120…

As well as the £1,120 on the ceramics course, the expenses claims also include £965 on a height-adjustable desk…

Sure, 35 parasitic stoats wasting cash coerced from honest citizens on a trivial pursuit?

That IS disgraceful!

But why would Red Emily, who can be sensible on issues of principle….


Brilliant Exposure Of Burqa Hypocrisy! 

…not single out the much more offensive example named by the BBC?

…… individual who claimed for a ticket to an online summit for LGBT leaders.

Actually, there’s a whole pack of pervs mentioned in another report…

…from which, however, Suella emerges honourably.

Going forward, every item of expenditure that falls into this category must pass across my desk.”

Well said, though better if she fired the freakos.

Wasting money on maladjusts is simply disgusting….

…but what’s more disgusting is that none of the UK media, so far as I can see, have so far revealed the name of whichever sexual deviant…

…claimed for a trip to a freak-show.

We don’t expect the BBC to cause bother for one of their own kind…

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers.

…but what about other, more responsible media?