This ‘Child’ Migrant Wasn’t Even ‘Unaccompanied!’

More light has been shone on the scandal of alien so-called ‘children’ who get let into civilised countries and proceed to reveal their true predatory nature…

Oh, Dear! Another Poor Little ‘Child Migrant?’ 


..a problem to which we have referred often.

The latest report was published last month – but not, of course, on pro-crimmigrant media like the BBC…

…which continues to abase itself before fake-‘refugee’ savages intent on invasion.

Hence only this week was the story below drawn to my attention.

Now I pass it over to my readers to draw their own conclusions from how..

...a “child” migrant accused of raping and trying to murder a young girl in Sweden has been revealed to be at least 15 rather than his recorded age of 13 – old enough to face criminal prosecution.

Small consolation, some may say, to the rape victim…



…but others might say that regardless of the age of the accused, anyone old enough to rape is post-pubescent – clearly no child.

Sadly, Swedish justice is a sick joke..….


…as we have noted often enough.

No chance of execution, nor of castration, nor, disgracefully is there even any likelihood of deportation.

The role of the family of the accused merits attention too  but you can read the whole story via the link.