BBC, At It Again…’Shamima!’

Just noticed the text news on UK Pravda, aka BBC World News, about The Begum Bitch.

An interesting little story, but written in a very BBC sort of way.

Here’s a sample.


..Hostey says: “Same thing that you’re doing now, but you work for us bringing equipment, bringing in brothers and sisters”.

Mohammed Al Rasheed replies: “I am ready, brother.”

Rasheed was arrested in the Turkish city of Sanliurfa not long after he had facilitated the girl’s journey to Syria.

In a statement to law enforcement, he said that the reason he had gathered information on everyone he had helped, including Shamima….”


Hostey and Rasheed – no amiable first names used, nor even a ‘Mister’ – nowhere in the story- see for yourselves.

But for The  Begum Bitch?

It’s ‘Shamima‘ in this part, and an obsequious ‘Ms. Begum‘ throughout.



But we shouldn’t be surprised, because the BBC has a track record, as I first noticed over 3 years ago!

BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin


Which was, coincidentally, when I first noticed the ugly bias of Ugly Barnett.

I don’t expect UK Pravda to echo my sentiments on the vile creature..

…but first-names?

For somebody who eagerly travelled far…

…to enlist in the satanic ranks of the ISIS rape-gang?