At Least The Times Doesn’t Call It ‘Shamima!’

Here we go again…

She died in custody in 2002. The painting of Hindley...

Please note, as Brit readers will have guessed, that’s a brief extract from some story in The Times a number of years ago…

  • Gambar terkait
  • Myra Hindley.

…about Myra Hindley.

She was an evil woman, and it’s inconceivable that any normal journalist, or any normal person, would refer to her as ‘Myra,’ or even ‘Ms. Hindley.’


(nothing sexist about this-  her evil partner-in-crme, Ian Brady, was similarly not referred to as ‘Ian’ or ‘Mr. Brady,’ but always as ‘Brady’


As in The Times quote above, it was simply ‘Hindley!’


Now what about Begum The ISIS Bitch?

No hogwash please about how teens can be wayward.

Sneaking a smoke behind the school cycle-shed, yes?

Plundering a neighbour’s pear-tree, yes?

Trekking off to join rabid rapists who behead helpless, innocent captives?

NO ‘Mistake!’- Hang That Sow Begum! 

I dismissed such cr-p attempts at exculpation in my post a year ago.


Disgracefully, the BBC now seems to have instructed its ‘news’ flunkeys to use the sectarian traitrix’s first name…

BBC, At It Again…’Shamima!

…or maybe UK Pravda’s grubs don’t need managerial authority or encouragement to soil their tongues thus.



But enough of the tax-funded propaganda broadcaster.

This time it’s The Times!


Hence my introductory mention of their previous practice.

At least they don’t go as far as BBC – but still…

Ms Begum?’


Let The Times thunder.

Ms Begum, a book reveals, was trafficked into Syria by a people smuggler working for both Isis and Canadian intelligence.

It is a scandal that demands answers from Britain and its allies...

This geezer says Begum was ‘trafficked.?’

As far as I know, there’s an element of coercion in ‘trafficking’ and also as far as I know, Begum set out from the UK eager to savour the joys of life in the foul sectarian ‘caliphate…’

….and she knew perfectly well, as did everyone in the UK with access to news..


muath22Burned alive – ISIS atrocity committed against a young Jordanian pilot


..what ISIS was all about.