BBC – Megaphone For Dotard’s Demagoguery

No need to offer juicy quote-chunks of the rotten meat that Dotard Biden just spewed out….



…especially if you have UK Pravda switched on.

It’s been their top ‘news’ since I woke up.



But as ever, BBC World News provided fair and balanced commentary, their 8am bulletin featuring a dork named Sidney Blumenthal, a Democrat speech-writer, ‘longtime confidante of Hillary Clinton,’  as presenter Nuala McGovern told us.

Oh, and formerly employed by the Clinton Foundation.

From him  we heard about Republican candidates who are ‘wildly extreme.’

As extreme as that Democrat we wrote about…Major Party Candidate Exposed As Racist Hate-Beast – BBC Silent! …and the rancid fanatics in AOC’s congressional cabal?

 Nuala of course didn’t ask about that, just let the dork ramble on Trumpophobically, the usual ‘Big Lie’ blabber

But then she had another guest, a professor!

What Did I Say About Today’s Professors? 

I always pay attention to those!

This one was prettier than most, but just as biased as Blumenthal.

 Her name’s Lauren Wright, and her script included tell-tale Trumpophobics – ‘ dangerous falsehoods….there are some ideologically extreme Republicans…’

So no attempt even to pretend BBC understands objective news coverage.




Okay –  I figured we had to wait till 9am, when we might get to hear the other side, an alternative voice…

….no, just blabbering Blumenthal again!

And at 10am?

We at least got the Ukraine as the leading news story.

And then – after the obligatory clip of the Droning Dotard -an American journo, Candy Woodall – another Trumpophobe…

…who ranted about voters who believed ‘misinformation’ from Donald Trump.

Pathetic BBC Bias!