Scotiabank’s Customer Service Includes Intolerance!

I used to live in a nice, uncomplicated country, which was called the Dominion of Canada….



…where people were not only allowed but actually expected to say what they think.

Free speech was part of the Canadian way of life.

The country is still called Canada, officially, but among many of its citizens, it sometimes feels like they dwell in Turdostan…


( an appellation derived from its current caudillo, Pretty Boy/Black Face)


…a dank domain, where intolerance is the order of the day….


….perhaps no more brazenly expressed than in a response from what a once-respected bank may laughingly consider a ‘customer service’ spokesman.


A Bank of Nova Scotia logo is seen outside of a branch in Ottawa

The Bank of Nova Scotia was what we called it, but the name has changed, as, it appears, has the quality of customer service!


…through an email discussion, Gary had asked his branch’s assistant manager if there was a way to get the bank’s rainbow-themed app off his phone. When he did respond, after a few days, the assistant manager booted Gary from his bank, he says.

“Your request/complaint will not be entertained as is [sic] does not align with our principles.
“Your comments are not appreciated nor will they be tolerated which is why we have chosen to terminate our relationship with you,” wrote Mitchell Tofte.

The nuclear option, taken after complaining about a rainbow theme.”


Isn’t that sickening?

It would be nice if we all could get hold of a picture of Jackbooter Tofte.


At least for those of us who possess dart boards!


If you don’t bank online

Just call us at 1(800) 4SCOTIA (1-800-472-6842) or contact your branch.

Contact us your way 24hrs everyday | Scotiabank Canada



Perhaps my Canadian readers could ring up and ask for one!


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