Canuck Wokery Can Induce Painful Mockery!

Sadly, one expects Toronto, in Ontario, to suffer bouts of derangement…

Toronto Teachers – “Hands Off Naked Buggers Parading in Public!” 

Toronto District School Board Smears Muslims! 

See the source image

Toronto Deviant School Board Calls In Cops to Bully Blogger 

Toronto The Good?’ – Where Perverts Freely Hound Christians! 

….though perhaps ‘decadence’ is a better word than ‘derangement.’

Edmonton, however, is in Alberta, where the people are known to be more sensible…..

A Speaker Of Truth – Hurray For Alberta


…or at least were thought to be so, till this story emerged this week.


Edmonton decided Ken Lum’s paired figures of a bison and fur trader could ‘cause harm and induce painful memories’

American bison k5680-1.jpg

Plainly a sculpture cannot ’cause harm’ – unless the stone bison has sharp bits sticking out at ground level which might injure passers-by.

And/or unless somebody among those city councillors had a bad experience in a zoo…



 ..because, given how few of the great beasts roam the wild these days, it’s unlikely there’s enough human-buffalo inter-action to ‘induce painful memories!’

But skip the Guardian and go to the Canadian left media, eg the Globe and Mail, which clarifies the hang-ups..

Canadian city pulls bison sculpture in row over representation of colonialism…


Edmonton cancels art installation over fears it may be perceived as celebrating colonialism

Another giant leap into Canada’s lunatic wallow in self-abnegation.

Without “colonialism…”


..there would be no Canada!

If these grovelines –

( my newly minted word blending grovel-urge…

Gulo gulo 2.jpg

…with a very unpopular Canadian animal!


…really feel bad about how Canada came into being, they would put every piece of real estate they possess on the market..

.Garage sale Blog Bake sale, For Sale Sign, text, logo png000

…and hand over whatever price they get to the first Red Indian they bump into.

Because had there been no colonisation, all the land on which every house, shop, office or factory in Edmonton is located…



…would still be Red Indian hunting grounds.

The same of course goes for all the pinko journos, and celebs, in Canada or not…


“I was brought up in a country that relished fear-based religion, corrupt government and an entire white population living on stolen property that they murdered for and that is passed on from generation to generation.”  Why the Left Hates America: Exposing the Lies… 

Quote from Sean Penn, the multi-millionaire owner of a mansion in Malibu, among other pleasant property so far unrestored to the Red Indian ‘owners.’

…who blabber on such matters.