BBC Bias – Sackur Ill-Prepared? Or..?

On BBC Hard Talk today, Stephen Sackur…

BBC Hard Talk? Hard To Say “Illegal?” 

Hard Talk? Hard To Stomach!

Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg

Sackur, BBC’s Democrat Hit-Man

…a familiar face on my blog, made a complete fool of himself, making it clear he was either shockingly ignorant….


…or worse!

His guest was Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, no hero of mine, but it was a delight to see him skewer the smug UK Pravda hack..


…who from the get-go made clear his rabid animosity towards Donald Trump, an animosity that permeates the parasitic tax-funded BBC.

I’ll skip the tiresome way that, when reminded viewers of Hillary Clinton’s email scandals…



..Sackur harped on about how Hillary had got off scot-free because she cooperated!

You can watch Hard Talk on this link …

…and note how Graham mentioned Hunter Biden’s laptop…

My Son Hunter’ – Sunday Brunch Taster! 

…but Sackur clearly feared to address that scandal too…

….instead droning about those ‘dark forces’ –



– quoting from The Dotard’s recent rant.

Sackur had a file in front of him, 8ndicating, his home-work done, he was prepared – and he generally is, for all his guests, though his demeanour varies…

BBC’s Sackur Loses It – Magyar Man Easy Winner! 

…harsh towards good people, but jolly…

BBC’s Sackur Softballs BLM Nasty

…even saccharine, with his fellow-lefts.

When he dragged in the shrilling of Lousy Liz, witch-huntress in chief, Graham pointed out that Ms. Cheney “hates Trump’s guts.”

“Your lens is a bit cloudy,” Sackur was told, but then that’s BBC, and that’s when, in reference to the Pelosi Panel, Graham told the most important truth which some non-Americans still don’t realise…



…that the January 6 Witch–Hunt Panel was coldly and  consciously constructed to smother debate and  exclude dissent.

Because Sackur at that point either LIED or revealed complete ignorance…

…claiming that Republicans refused to serve on it…

…when surely he MUST know that Pelosi refused to accept the Republican Party’s chosen congressmen…


..insisting instead on Cheney and some other Trumpophobe who could be counted on to collaborate on the pre-determined outcome.