Truck Terror Trial – How Many Accused Are French?

I visited Nice with my offspring years ago.

The worst that happened to us was a jellyfish sting, remedied promptly.


Not so for 86 innocents enjoying a holiday on Bastille Day, in 2016, victims of a sectarian terror attack.

< The accused.  main
A courtroom sketch depicts from left back; Artan Henaj, Chakri Chafroud, Ramzi Arefa, below; Mohamed Walid Ghraieb, Endri Elezi, Makzim Celaj and Enkeledka Zace


 …only seven will appear in court after one suspect, Brahim Tritrou, being tried in absentia, fled judicial supervision to Tunisia where he is now believed to be under arrest.


Some judicial supervision!

And it gets weirder!

Just three of the accused are currently under arrest with one held in connection with another case…


BUT nothing suprising about this!

The defendants are a mix of Tunisians, French-Tunisians and Albanians


So my headline today was rhetorical, a red herring, because the answer’s in the article – none of them are true French at all.

The BIG question has to be…