Sweden’s Last Chance?

What the ‘far-right anti-immigrant’ party is quoted as offering to Swedish voters – a plan to ‘spend 25 billion Swedish kronor ($2.3 billion) on strengthening the justice system and withdraw grants for immigrants who do not adopt the country’s culture,’ is surely the Scandinavian country’s last chance…

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…and I wish Jimmie Akesson’s Sweden Democrats well in the election on Sunday.

But the problem is that, even if, as some polls predict, the SD get more votes than any other party, and more seats, their proportion is unlikely to be more than 25%, if that.
There have been false dawns before…

Jimmie Akesson
Jimmie Akesson wants to set up ‘Sweden Centres’
– “There you can let the Swedish way of being and Swedish heritage become very accessible in a part of the country where it is currently very inaccessible…”

the rise and rise of his SD freedom fighters mentioned here more than once…

Does Hope Truly Hover, As Swede Patriots Surge! 

…but the political realities are harsh…

A Million ‘Swedes?’ Lost, Beyond Redemption. 


….as we have previously contemplated, and yet….

It is incredible that, with their home and native land increasingly under alien occupation, and their country’s political, judicial, media –

God Rest Ye Merry Freaky Swedes? 

 …and even the ecclesiastical establishment!


– in thrall to the disastrous diversity / multicult experiment…

…most Swedes are not prepared to fight back against the treasonous elite.

But that’s a baffling question that has to be asked all over the civilised world, including the UK.