Ingrate Immigrant Nesrine Sneers At HM!

It ain’t just overseas ratbags…


Savage Sow Uju Anya Must Go

..that use the death of a much-loved monarch to put the boot in.

Ingrates allowed into Britain can be just as bad.


When people used to say the Queen was to be admired because “she does the job so well”, I never quite understood what that meant.

As far as I could see, her job was simply to turn up, go through protocols and not go off script…”

Remember that Guardian grot,  Nasty Nesrine?



She’s a Sudanese writer and commentator who lives in London.

She is a former private equity investor 


…for whom, surely, Sudan is still out there, waiting for somebody with ‘private equity investment’ skills!

Hardly the first time she’s been spotted braying anti-monarchy hogwash!

As I said at the time,

Nasty Nesrine has made her distaste for the UK clear enough.

But what’s more offensive is her utter arrogance, on which we remarked a while back….

‘Migrants are told they must earn a place in Britain. But no one should have to… ‘ ‘Migrants’ Have No Need To Earn Their Place? 

…when it’s suggested maybe guests might mind their manners.