Suella ‘Upsets’ Disloyal Flunkeys? Great!

We already know that many so-called ‘civil servants’ are disloyal leftists.…

More Proof! Enemy Within = Pro-Crimmigrant Unions

…who take the side of illegal aliens rather than serve their country.

So it was a joy to read the flunkeys are ‘upset’ after hearing that the new Home Secretary, who has shown she understands the country’s enemies…

.( and incidentally was viciously attacked for telling the truth back then..)


Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever MentionCultural Marxism Again!” 

….has already prompted consternation among Home Office officials after telling them she wants to ban all small boats crossing the Channel, the Observer has learned.

Those ‘Home Office officials’ need to grow a set or quit!

But there’s more that’s fun to read.

Suella Braverman has ‘upset’ the foul flunkeys once again..


Home Office civil servants told to get back to work?


….with her ‘inaugural address!’

Seems ’twas a ‘speech on migrants, trashy TV and a back-to-office call…’..

Well, making the parasites get back to their allotted desks…

…must have been nearly as vexing as reminding them that it’s British tax-payers, not lying Channel crimmigrants




…who pay their fat salaries .

But Suella’s ‘trash-tv’ reference is initially more puzzling, as the Home Office’s pinko creeps probably already tune into UK Pravda nightly…



…to refresh their unpatriotic instincts.

Yet keep reading, and her quoted words down the page, that such a pastime would ‘help their “mental wellbeing”, a source said, specifically citing Channel 4’s Married at First Sight and First Dates as well as Love Island

She has very clearly been telling the idle stoats to fund their own junk-think, rather than leech off the public purse to finance their facile,and in some cases…



…downright freakish frolicking, which we reported a week ago.