Free Speech For Foul-Mouths?

Interesting to note that pinko creeps are in a tizzy..


Anti-Monarchy Protesters Keep Getting Arrested

“Fuck imperialism. Abolish monarchy,” read one person’s sign.

..about free speech, some ratbag foul-mouth slag in Scotland arrested….

…though we haven’t heard them quite so vociferous when decent people’s free speech is menaced by woko-goons…

.UK Top Cop – ‘We Are NOT Enforcers For Uptight Queers!’ 

…directed by gaystapoid top cops.

Coincidentally, the words quoted above were chosen from a media link which I rarely use, the leftist Novara, about one of whose ‘stars’ I have written previously…

If You Hear Foul-Mouth Ash’s Sicko Yelp, Call It Out! 

If you drop by certain bars in certain areas in Jakarta (or probably anywhere in the world, except maybe Saudi Arabia, where I’m sad to say there appear to be no bars at all!), you might find young ladies…
….some of whom might well be dressed something like the chick in this photograph below…

….…but probably prettier, and they will be happy to engage you in conversation.
Most of them may not be highly educated, but they will not as a rule be foul-mouthed, which the exhibitionist UK-based pinko hackette in the photo certainly is.

Her name is Ash Sarkar, an ‘academic’ whose idea of intelligent rebuttal of another, more distinguished academic, with whom she happened to disagree, was to call him the….”lobster shagger!”

What a coarse cow, you may think.

And I agree!

We featured her, largely for the sake of her cleavage, the like of which none of my college lecturers ever displayed, in a post years ago.

Shy RT Scribbler Plays The Smear Game! 

So now Novara’s notability for foul speech, sorry, free speech, arises once more.

My view?

If people want to argue for a republic, okay, they may.

Good taste, like Albanese’s…

Oz Republic? Albanese Gracious, But BBC…? 

…might dissuade them from doing so right now.

But foul language IS offensive, at any time.

The dirty wee slag who brandished the F-Word in Edinburgh should be sentenced to a week’s solitary, studying good manners.