Twitter Hides Ugly Truths, Again!

 We know the sleazoids who control Twitter have no time for truths they dislike..   

They did their bigoted best to hide the truth about The Dotard’s Tranny…

  • Twitter claimed that the tweet about Levine, a biological man who claims to be a woman, violates its policy against “hateful conduct.”  READ


…but this latest act of pro-pervert censorship takes the anti-social media behemoth to a new low.



The American Principles Project (APP) PAC, a pro-family political organization, released an ad showing extremely disturbing content from books that schools continue to put in children’s hands.

More and more parents are learning how degenerate leftists…

…( both admin and ‘teachers’) in schools all over the country are out to poison young minds.


Many good parents are fighting back!

But many other parents are still unaware of the evil indoctrination that goes on.


So what happened next?

“Our ad just got censored by Twitter,” APP wrote.

“So, a recap: It is OK to push obscene sexual content on kids in schools and in public libraries. It is NOT OK to show parents online what their kids might be reading.” 

Read the whole story


PS  or try this video link..

Big Tech Censors Vid Showing Parents Obscene LGBTQ School Materials