Tweedies V Trannies – UK Court Clash!

Must preface what’s below by clarifying my headline above.

‘Trannies‘ is self-explanatory, referring to those sad male maladjusts who suffer from the delusion, despite all evidence obtainable ( via one glance downwards in the shower) that they are not men..…



…but rather the very opposite of what God and/or Nature decreed.

The word also is used to describe the many evil fakers who pretend to be thus deluded…

…in order to prowl predatorily where they sshouldn’t.


 ‘Tweedies,‘ on the other hand, refers to lesbians.

I use the word because their traditional choice of clothing…

…reputedly, comprised tweed suits and hob-nailed boots, worn usually while smoking a pipe.

This is certainly not always true.

I have in past years chatted up attractive women who eventually owned up, and were then mildly bemused when I question their sartorial choices..

.”No boots?

But i am not antipathetic towards lesbians.

They, like me, appreciate feminine appeal…

.. and I always feel it’s worth at last a little effort to try to convert them.

Hence I felt sorry for the lesbian who broke down in court this week, where the pro-maladjust ‘Mermaids’ gang…


Mermaids’ Sprout Fangs – Beware Maladjust Aggro! 

……are waging lawfare against a charity.

“I’m going to speak for millions of lesbians around the world who are lesbians because we love other women … We will not be erased and we will not have any man with a penis tell us he’s a lesbian because he feels he is.”

And that’s well said.

Equally, non-lesbian women, and normal, non-maladjust men, should similarly tell transfreaks to take a hike…

…to the nearest shrink, and get cured!