Poilievre OK? No, Sez WaPo Hackette

Never heard of Amanda Colletta?

Me neither, but then I try to avoid garbage media, like the weasel-infested WaPo!


Sick Media Pigs Wail For “Shy, Near-Sighted Youth Who Liked Soccer!” 

No, Coletta didn’t write that filth, but…

Yes, she works for the Washington Post!

Image without a caption
Comrade Coletta

AND she has vituperative vocabulary skills, viz.

According to the Washington Post leftess, the new Canadian Tory leader’s into…

...trafficking in grievance politics….

Wow, cool impartial analysis, yeah?


Trafficking” is about as negative a word as you can get, with nothing but unpleasant connotations..

..drug-trafficking, people-trafficking, etc?

 And ‘grievance politics?’

What the Hell do politicians talk about in election campaigns, except grievances?

Poilievre wearing a black suit and blue tie

Not just in Canada but everywhere, the Left, Socialists and Marxists of every sort…

….exult in exploitations of real or imagined ‘grievances’ – envy, grudges and primeval class prejudice.

In contrast, here’s Poilievre..

…pledging to fire the central bank governor, railing against public health mandates, promising to appoint a “free speech guardian” on university campuses and vowing to make Canada the “freest country in the world.”


If Pierre keeps his promises, he’ll be a vast improvement on Pretty Boy Turdo…


Pretty Boy Turdo  with fans


…but then so would a gangrenous wolverine!

Having said that, WaPo Weirdo Coletta’s verbal assault on the Canadian Tory incline me to think quite highly of him.

.’..Some criticized what they saw as a smarmy, take-no-prisoners, internet troll approach….’


How gutless can a hackette get? If she loathes conservatives, say so, don’t skulk like a skink behind the anonymous ‘Some!’

At least her next volley is attributed, to another slimy leftist in the Canadian Press, likening the man to a character from “the television drama “Mad Men”: The “character everyone loves to hate: young, conservative, ambitious and fabulously snotty.”


Fair and balanced.

Yeah, right!