Poles Deserve Justice, From Moscow – & Berlin!

Quite right, that Poles want their paintings back….



seven paintings from a Moscow museum that were looted by the Red Army during the second world war, the Polish culture minister has announced.

Piotr Gliński said about 20 previous requests to Moscow for the return of thousands of other items stolen during the war had fallen on deaf ears. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/sep/14/poland-to-ask-russia-to-return-paintings-looted-by-red-army-in-ww2

Fat chance!

Although Russia no longer suffers the scourge of marxism…



…I tend to think Putin is not, and never will be, in a mood to do what’s right.

But then neither are the Berlin in-crowd ever likely to play fair and revise the rotten reparations deal agreed between Germany…


Mama Stasi’s Cop-Out And Boleslaw Bierut’s Betrayal 

…and a quisling regime in Warsaw…


Boleslaw Bierut


…which the Germans knew very well in NO way represented the Polish people.


Just saying.